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The word cancer is considered synonymous with death. Is it right?

Early-stage cancer should better not be addressed with the ominous word 'cancer', because it is eminently curable and hence there is no cause for concern.

Late-stage cancer indeed is incurable, and all that modern science has to offer is to improve the quality of life.

What is the medical definition of early and late stages of cancer?

Stage 1,2 and 3 are the early stages of cancer and are potentially curable.

Only stage 4 is considered as the late stage of cancer and is oftentimes incurable.

How does cancer progress to late-stage?

It's essentially the time-lapse between the beginning of symptoms to the patient presenting at a cancer center which is what decides whether its early or late. Hence it is advised that people should appraoch the nearest cancer care medical facility when ever there are symptoms which could possible be due to cancer.

What is the reason for people reaching the cancer centers late?

Neglect of early symptoms on the part of the patient or failure to suspect the disease on the part of the available medical facilities in the vicinity of the patient.

What makes stage 4 cancer incurable?

Stage 4 is that stage of cancer in which the cancer cells have spread to the entire body and hence is considered beyond cure.

Is the incidence and presentation of cancer different in India from the western world?

In the western world about 10 % patients present in late stage whereas in Indian subcontinent we have about 30 % patients presenting in late stages of cancer. 

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